Houston Unlicensed Frequency List                         3/5/05
                            by Myles Barkman KG5AI

These folks win the "Shame on you" award for either never operating with a license or
letting their license lapse and then continuing to use their radios.
There are countless other business operations that are operating without licenses but 
they are very difficult to find.
Some of these frequencies may have been abandoned so if you don't hear anything from them,
let me know and I'll take them out of my lists.
If you know anyone from any of these agencies, let them know they win a special place on my
web page.  Also, if you know of any other agencies using unlicensed/expired licenses, pass
them on.  I have plenty of awards.

Note:  License information comes straight from the FCC's online database and the
accuracy of my lists are a direct reflection of the accuracy of the FCC.  There may be some
cases where a legitimate license was not entered correctly into the database.  I have seen
the FCC make mistakes (wrong county name, misspell the county name, etc.).  
There may be other cases where users don't need a license.
Let me put it this way, "This list is for entertainment purposes only.  The information
contained is not legally binding and should not be considered as THE truth.  No action 
should be taken against me for misinformation represented by the FCC-don't kill the 

110.9 151.115/154.340  xCITY of Galveston (not licensed) 
 88.5 153.065/159.735  *SCHOOL Aldine ISD Buses (license KDV486 shows repeater output on 153.605, typo?)
127.3 154.340          *POLICE La Porte TAC (not licensed)
 71.9 155.235          *SCHOOL Santa Fe ISD Buses (expired)-used by Hitchcock ISD?
  631 155.235          *SCHOOL College Station ISD Buses (expired/not licensed)
136.5 158.790/154.115  *POLICE Todd Mission Ch.1 (WNCQ251 expired)
136.5 158.940          *POLICE Todd Mission (WNCQ251 EXPIRED-still use)
141.3 159.480          *FIRE/EMS Cleveland (not licensed-come on, an oil spill in Liberty County?)
      161.8375         *BUSINESS? Data Bursts-not licensed
 none 170.150          *MEDIA KBTX Ch.3 News NOT LICENSED
162.2 453.025          *BUSINESS car rental service Hobby Airport (not licensed)
162.2 453.1125         *TX Port of Houston Authority Security? (WPDH436 expired-license deleted)-still use?
131.8 453.450/458.450  *MEDICAL Bayshore Medical Center Maint.-Pasadena (not licensed)
162.2 458.1125         *TX Port of Houston Authority-Security (WPDH436 expired-license deleted)
  664 461.3375         *BUSINESS The Parking Spot-Hobby Airport (not licensed)
107.2 461.475/466.475  *SCHOOL Brenham ISD WNLX677 (License EXPIRED)-community repeater?
114.8 462.050/467.050  *BUSINESS Astroworld? (not licensed)
114.8 462.075/467.075  *BUSINESS Astroworld? (not licensed)
114.8 462.325/467.325  *BUSINESS Astroworld? (not licensed)
114.8 462.600/467.600  *BUSINESS Astroworld? (not licensed)
      463.3625          SECURITY Baybrook Mall backup (not licensed)
      464.0125          BUSINESS Baybrook Mall Ch.2 Maintenance (not licensed)
179.9 464.540/469.540  *SECURITY Baybrook Mall Back Channel (not licensed)
  306 464.975          *BUSINESS Hilton Hotel-College Station Maint./Security (not licensed)
      855.2875/810.2875*BUSINESS Texas Communication trunked system-College Station (not licensed)