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The following frequency lists were made by me. Some information was taken from other sources but care has been taken to make sure it was valid before being included. In some cases, other people have helped verify information for me. The lists are as accurate as I could make them with the information at hand. Public Safety frequencies listed can be found in other sources and nothing that could compromise safety of officers and law enforcement operations (like body mikes) is included. If you find any errors or can suggest any additions, please let me know-email

If you do not see a list for a particular area you are looking for, I don't have one (yet).

I created a listserv for folks in the Houston Texas area to share frequencies and current events in the Houston area. Check out to see the latest emails or enter your email address in the form at the bottom of this page to subscribe.

Check here for information on format, symbols and terminology I use in my lists.

Harris County Area Lists:

Montgomery County Lists:

Texas-wide Amateur List:

Bryan/College Station Lists:

Dallas/Fort Worth Lists:

Houston/Galveston special events lists:

Miscellaneous Lists:

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