CIMA is an acronym for Channel Industries Mutual Aid. It was created in 1955 as a mutual aid agreement between several industrial complexes and municipal government agencies to bring quick and adequate aid to an industrial plant in case of a major incident. CIMA is so named because of its many petrochemical plants on the banks of the Houston Ship Channel. The plants and agencies are divided up into four zones depending on geographical location. Possibly, response to a plant will come from other plants in its zone.

There are two main dispatch centers set up for operation during an actual emergency. One is located at the Baytown Fire Dispatch and the other at Pasadena Fire Dispatch. Center Street (and it's imaginary extended line) in Deer Park is considered the dividing line for determining which dispatch center controls the net. If the plant with the emergency is west of Center Street, the Baytown site will handle the net. Likewise, if the emergency is east of Center Street, Pasadena will handle the net. This is to allow municipal agencies located in the affected area to be able to deal with the logistics of the problem while someone outside the area handles the radio net and coordination of plant responses.

There are several types of CIMA emergencies:
A.Standby alert
B.Assistance call
C.All out call
D.Civil defense alert
E.All clear

To ensure communication readiness, CIMA members test their radios on a daily basis. Half of the members test their radios at 3am local and the other half at 6pm local time. Most CIMA radios are located in the plant's guard shack where it will have 24-hour monitoring, and can be available in case of an incident at the plant. Each member of the CIMA group conducts net control for one week beginning on Monday and then rotates through the roll call list order. Choice of channel for the tests seems to be up to whoever is net control. CIMA radios are meant to be left in scan mode until told to go to a specific channel by net control. Nets are always either on channel 2 or 3.

CIMA Radio Channels/Frequencies (PL 127.3 Hz):
Ch.1 488.8875 repeater WIH775 near Tidal Rd & Highway 225 in Deer Park-275'
Ch.2 489.0875 repeater WIH777 Washburn Tunnel between Pasadena & Galena Park-180'
Ch.3 489.1125 repeater WIH776 near W.Main & Hwy 146 in La Porte-160'
Ch.4 489.0875 simplex-talkaround
Ch.5 489.1125 simplex-talkaround

CIMA 0300 hrs Radio Check

Vopak Terminals-Deer Park Inc.
Dixie Chemicals
Magellan Midstream Partners LP (was Williams Energy)
Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminal LLC-Pasadena
Advanced Aromatics LLC
Intercontinental Terminals x
Praxair Inc.-Deer Park (not called 3/2/13) x
Natural Gas Odorizing, Inc. (not called 3/2/13)
Oxy Vinyls-Houston Operations
Shell-Deer Park Complex
Celanese-Clear Lake (what? "Linde Gas North America Arkemas Clear Lake")
Rohm & Haas-Lone Star Bayport Plant
Geo Specialty Chemicals Inc. Deer Park
Sun Products Corp
Lyondell Basell Bayport Polymers
Cloverleaf Volunteer Fire Dept.
Total Petrochemicals USA Inc.
Lyondell Chemical-Bayport
Akzo Nobel Pasadena Albemarle Chemicals-Bayport
Haldor Topsoe, Inc.
Albemarle Ethyl MEMC Corp.-Pasadena
Equistar Chemical-Bayport (called net 3/2/13) x
Global Octanes (not called 3/2/13)
City of Houston Emergency Management-WIH830
Agrifos, LLC
PPG Industries-La Porte x
Bayer Corp.-Baytown WIH804 (not called 3/2/13)
Port of Houston Authority WIH830? or WIH820 or WIH792
JX Nippon Chemical Texas Inc (was Nisseki) x
BP Amoco-Baytown (not called 3/2/13)
Seabrook Volunteer Fire Department
City of Deer Park
City of La Porte
Pasadena Fire Department-WIH806
Dow Chemical Houston Operations-Deer Park
Texas Petrochemicals-Houston/Baytown x
Syngenta AG Chem. Products (not called 3/2/13)
BASF Corporation-Pasadena
Merisol Company-WIH816
Houston Fuel Oil Terminal
ExxonMobil Baytown Olefins Plant (BOP)-WIH836
Lyondell Chemical-Channelview
Air Products Corp-La Porte x
Dow Chemical Houston Operations-La Porte (not called 3/2/13)
Houston Refining (was Lyondell-Citgo)-WIH829
ExxonMobil Refining Company USA-Baytown
G.B. Biosciences-WIH833 x
ER Carpenter LP-WIH802 (not called 3/2/13)
Clean Harbor Deer Park LP-WIH798 (was Safety-Kleen)
Chevron/Phillips Chemical Co.-WIH832?
Total Petrochemicals USA Inc. - Bayport (was ATOFINA)
Lyondell LaPorte Complex Linde Gas
Arkema Inc Houston x
Pasadena Paper Co. (weak)-WIH817 (not called 3/2/13)

CIMA 1800 hrs Radio Check

Oiltanking-Houston Inc.
Goodyear Tire and Rubber-Houston
Noltex LLC
Akzo Nobel Polymers-Deer Park
Rohm and Haas-Deer Park
Targa Midstream Services LP (was Dynegy Midstream)-Galena Park-WIH828
Equistar Chemicals-Channelview
Pasadena Refining Systems (was Crown Central Petroleum)-WIH851
FMC Corp.-WIH787
Kuraray America Septon x
ExxonMobile Chemical Co.-Houston Olefins Plant (not called 3/3/13)
Valero Refining Texas LP-WIH824
Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminal LLC-Galena Park-WIH785
Gulf Bayport Chemicals (was Lonza Group)
E.I. duPont deNemours and Co.-La Porte-WIH850 x
GNI Group (not called 3/3/13)
Air Products-Pasadena "air products pasadena ??? specialty chemicals america LLC"
Houston Fire Dept. Hazmat
Vopak Terminals-Galena Park WIH840
Texmark Chemicals x
EniChem Americas Inc. (polymer europa americas) (not called 3/3/13)
Johann Haltermann Ltd.
Kaneka North America LLC
Targa Midstream Services LP (was Dynegy Midstream)-Mont Belvieu
Channelview Fire Department
Lubrizol-Deer Park
INEOS Solvay (was BP Solvay)
Baker Petrolights-Bayport
Axiall Corp (was Georgia Gulf)-WIH805
Chevron/Phillips Chemical Co.-Cedar Bayou
Clear Lake Chemicals LLC (was BASF)
Odjfell Terminals-Seabrook
Kuraray America EVAL (was Evalca)
LBC Houston (was LBC PetroUnited Inc.) Seabrook
BASF (was Engelhard Corp.)
Stolthaven Houston Inc.
Styrolution America LLC Bayport
PetroLogistics GP
US Coast Guard Commander-WIH814
Braskem Americas La Porte