B/CS Area Broadcast Stations                         11/28/99
                              by Myles Barkman KG5AI

Note:  These are stations that I can hear during the day without straining
*too* hard.  Your mileage may differ.  Atmospheric changes and weather can
affect radio propagation either for the better or for the worse.

 550 KTSA San Antonio      News/Talk
 570 KLIF Dallas           Talk, Sports
 590 KLBJ Austin           News/Talk
 610 KILT Houston          Sports
 700 KSEV Tomball          Talk
 740 KTRH Houston          News/Talk
 790 KBME Houston          standards
 820 WBAP Fort Worth       News/Talk, Country
 880 KJOJ Conroe           Sports/Religious country
1010 KBBW Waco             Religious
1150 WTAW College Station  Talk
1240 KTAM Bryan            Standards
1280 KWHI Brenham          Country/Talk
1510 KAGC Bryan            Religious-Daytime
1550 KWBC Navasota         Classic Country "country gold"
1620 KZNE East College Station expanded band for WTAW

 88.3 KAXF Huntsville       Religious
 88.7 KUHF Houston          University of Houston classical
 89.1 KEOS Bryan            Community Radio with KPFT Houston variety
 89.9 new  Bryan            at KORA-120W erp
 89.9 new  Snook            8500W erp
 90.9 KAMU College Station  Texas A&M University classical, jazz
 91.9 new  Bryan            off 2818-1400W erp
 91.9 new  Benchley         6000W erp
 92.1 KTSR College Station  Rock
 92.5 KMBV Navasota         Soft Adult Contemporary
 92.9-KKBQ Pasadena         Hit Country
 93.1 KSBJ Bryan            Religious translator K226AE 250W erp
 94.1 KULF Brenham          Country
 94.3 KHTZ Cameron          new, application to move to 105.1
 94.5-KLDE Houston          Oldies
 95.1 KTSR East of Benchley future site?
 95.1 KTSR Benchley         future site?
 95.1 KTSR NE of Benchley   future site?
 95.7 KIKK Houston          Hit Country
 96.1 KAGG Madisonville     Hit Country
 96.1 KAGG E of Benchley    future site?
 96.5-KHMX Houston          Adult Contemporary hit radio
 97.5 KWTX Waco             Contemporary hit radio
 97.9-KBXX Houston          Urban
 98.3 KORA College Station  Country 900W erp
 99.1-KODA Houston          Soft adult contemporary
 99.5 KNFX Bryan            Classic rock
 99.9 WACO Waco             Country
100.3 KILT Houston          Hit Country
100.5 KMVL Madisonville     Adult Contemporary
100.9 KHCB Bryan            Religious translator K265DH 250W erp
101.5-KROX Giddings         New Rock
101.9 KZTR Franklin         Adult Contemporary
103.1 KVJM Hearne           Urban, Religious
103.7-KVST Huntsville       Hit Country
103.9 KXCS Cameron          Modern rock
104.1-KRBE Houston          Contemporary Hit Radio-new rock
104.7 KKYS Bryan            Hot adult contemporary
105.3 KEZB SE Navasota      hit country, classic rock w/KTXM
105.7-KHCB Houston          Religious
106.1 KTTX Lyons            Hit Country
106.9 KKHT Conroe           Religious
107.3 KLTR Caldwell         new

 3 KBTX Carlos           CBS
12-KSCM Bryan            ??? very low power-93W erp (gone now?)
12 KAMU College Station  PBS digital
15 KAMU College Station  PBS
28 KYLE Bryan            FOX
29 KYLE Bryan            FOX digital
34 KRHD Benchley         ABC, WB
47 K47ED Bryan           Trinity Broadcasting
59 KBTX Carlos           CBS digital
63-K63DL Bryan           NBC-950W erp

- means harder to hear than others