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The games are also broadcast on Sirius satellite radio service-check schedule, (subscription required).

Times listed are central time.

              2018 Schedule (Fisher) predict 8-4 season.
Aug.30  Northwestern State  59-7
Sep.8   Clemson (#2)        26-28 got very interesting at the end.  So close.
Sep.15  ULM                 48-10 starkel got some time in at the end.  now #22 in polls
Sep.22  *@Alabama (#1)      23-45 bad start to the game.  Expected outcome.  dropping out of top 25
Sep.29  *@Arkansas          24-17 TD on kick-off return.  Much better start.  Arkansas program needs help.
Oct.6   *Kentucky  (#13)    20-14 awesome finish.  Should not have had to go to OT though.  
Oct.13  *@South Carolina    26-23 #22 expected close game. Lots of kicking (punts and FG) 3-1 Conf, 5-2 season
Oct.20  bye week
Oct.27  *@Mississippi State 13-28 3-2 Conf, 5-3 season
Nov.3   *@Auburn            24-28 #20 3-3 Conf, 5-4 season.  Lots of missed opportunities.
Nov.10  *Ole Miss           38-24 4-3 Conf, 6-4 season ugly game.
Nov.17  UAB                 41-20 4-3 Conf, 7-4 season
Nov.24  *LSU (#7)           74-72 7OT #22 5-3 Conf, 8-4 season so many second chances
Dec.1   SEC Championship    Alabama over Georgia 35-28
DEC.31  Gator Bowl vs N Carolina St 52-13.  Slow start but our defense kept them from scoring after 2nd qtr for 45 unanswered pts.  Gillaspia 1st and last TD was priceless.

              2017 Schedule (Sumlin) predict 7-5 season.  Will Sumlin keep his job?  No, fired 11/26/17.
Sep.3   @UCLA               44-45 Starkel knocked out of the game and blew a 34-point lead into the 3rd Qtr.  Got to hand it to UCLA for not giving up.
Sep.9   Nicholls State      24-14 Should have beaten this school by more
Sep.16  Louisiana           45-21 picked up in 2nd half
Sep.23  *@Arkansas          50-43 OT tough game.  Great runback by Kirk.
Sep.30  *South Carolina     24-17 responded better in 2nd half
Oct.7   *Alabama (#1)       19-27 Ags did very good to hold Bama to 27 points.
Oct.14  *@Florida           19-17 I predicted that Florida would win.  The stats would lead you to that conclusion.  Barely won it at the very end by a FG, taking time off the clock and intercepting the ball.  Last time Aggies beat them on the road was 1944.
Oct.21  bye week
Oct.28  *Mississippi St     14-35 3-2 Conf, 5-3 season.  was hoping for a closer game at Kyle.  Can probably forget about any hope of getting into top 25 this season.
Nov.4   *Auburn (#16)       27-42 3-3 Conf, 5-4 season.  Starkel replaced Mond halfway through 2nd quarter.  Didn't really help.
Nov.11  New Mexico          55-14 3-3 Conf, 6-4 season.  Starkel started.
Nov.18  *@ole Miss          31-24 4-3 Conf, 7-4 season.  
Nov.25  *@LSU (#18)         21-45 4-4 Conf, 7-5 season.  Aggies had 4 turnovers.  Last time beat LSU was 1994.
Dec.2   SEC Championship    3pm CBS Atlanta Auburn/Georgia

              2016 Schedule (Sumlin) (predict 8-4 season, might be 11-1) ended 8-4
Sep.3   UCLA (#16)          31-24 Aggies did well until the 4th Qtr.  Won in OT with Knight TD. Wind up #20
Sep.10  Prairie View A&M    67-0 'nuf said
Sep.17  *@Auburn            29-16 Five FG.  5th time in the series that the visiting team has won.  Guess Auburn will win next year at Kyle.
Sep.24  *@Arkansas          45-24 battle of the defenses.  Aggies great at holding their ground.  Knight ran for 2 TD.
Oct.1   *@South Carolina    24-13 Moved to #8
Oct.8   *Tennessee (#9)     45-38 What a game!  Roller coaster game won in double OT.  Moved to #6.  First time 6-0 since 1994.
Oct.15  bye week
Oct.22  *@Alabama (#1)      14-33 Not surprised to lose to #1 on the road.  At least we showed up.  Congrats to Nick Saban.  Now 6-1
Oct.29  New Mexico State    52-10 handling business.  Moving up to #7.  #4 in playoff rankings. 7-1
Nov.5   *@Mississippi State 28-35 embarassing loss to unranked team.  Surprised we only lost a few spots at #8 in playoffs. 7-2.
Nov.12  *Ole Miss           28-29 started out OK but let them score at the end. 7-3 #25
Nov.19  UTSA                23-10 8-3
Nov.24  *LSU                39-54 another loss to LSU.  Can't seem to break the cycle.  8-4 season, 4-4 conference.  Same as last year.
Dec.3   SEC Championship    Atlanta

              2015 Schedule (Sumlin)(Predict 7-5 Season, ended 8-4)
Aug.29  bye week
Sep.5   #16 ASU             38-17
Sep.12  Ball State          56-23 #16
Sep.19  Nevada              44-27 #17 
Sep.26  *Arkansas           28-21 #14 Wild win in OT.  Bertolet should have made FG with :03 left in regulation
Oct.3   *Mississippi St     30-17 #9
Oct.10  bye week
Oct.17  *#10 Alabama        23-41 #9 Not all that surprised.  But things might have ended differently without 3 pick sixes.
Oct.24  *#24 @Ole Miss      3-23 #15 Wasn't really surprised about losing to Ole Miss but figured we would get a TD somewhere.  Dropped from top 25.
Oct.31  *South Carolina     35-28 NR Was much closer than I thought it would/should be
Nov.7   *Auburn             10-26 #19 should have won this at home
Nov.14  Western Carolina    41-17 NR kind of scary at first but found our groove against a non-SEC team
Nov.21  *@Vanderbilt        25-0 good shutout against team with good defense.  Bertolet got most of the points with 6 FG.
Nov.28  *@LSU               7-19 Had a 7-6 lead for a while but they got us with 2 more TD.  End with 8-4 season.  4-4 conf.
Dec.30  Louisville          21-27 Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl-Kyle Allen left and then Kyler Murray.  Played Jake Hubenak.

              2014 Schedule (Sumlin)(ended 7-5)
Aug.28  *@S Carolina (#9)   52-28 #21 What a way to start the SEC Network.  Kenny Hill 511 yards!  now #9
Sep.6   Lamar               73-3 #9 Ags need to work on penalties and turnovers.  Game delayed 2.5 hrs due to lightning
Sep.13  Rice                38-10 #6 ground crew needs to fix the turf at Kyle Field
Sep.20  @SMU                58-6 #6 
Sep.27  *Arkansas           35-28 #6 Ags made TD in overtime.  Should not have been that close a game.
Oct.4   *@Miss State        31-48 #6 Miss St deserved to win.  Ags passing game stunk.  Except for the UL Monroe game, could be a bad rest-of-the-season.
Oct.11  *Ole Miss #3        20-35 #14 Ags finally started scoring in 2nd half but not enough 
Oct.18  *@Alabama #7        0-59 #21 "so long to the top 25..." can't compete against ranked teams after all
Oct.25  bye week            thank goodness!  Everyone needs a break after 3 losses in a row
Nov.1   Louisiana-Monroe    21-16 Kenny Hill suspended for 2 games.
Nov.8   *@Auburn #6         41-38 Really surprised at beating #6.  Got back into top 25. 
Nov.15  *Missouri           27-34 
Nov.22  bye week
Nov.27  *LSU                17-23 good effort at end to try and score.  Refs blew the offsides call.
Dec.29  West Virginia Univ  45-37 Liberty Bowl.  4th Bowl Win in a row!

              2013 Schedule (Sumlin)(ended 8-4)
Aug.31  Rice                52-31 0-0 Conf, 1-0 #6 Manziel suspended for 1st half.  Still immature.
Sep.7   Sam Houston State   65-28 0-0 Conf, 2-0 #7 slow start but cranked it up in the 2nd half.
Sep.14  *Alabama (#1)       42-49 0-1 Conf, 2-1 #6 87,000 attendance.  Came from behind but could not get ball back with less than minute left.
Sep.21  SMU                 42-13 1-1 Conf, 3-1 #10 won despite penalties, missed XP
Sep.28  *@Arkansas          45-33 1-1 Conf, 4-1 #10 good game.  defense still needs some work.  keeping our scores above 40 pts
Oct.5   bye week            #9
Oct.12  *@Ole Miss          41-38 2-1 Conf, 5-1 #9 another 3-pt win at end.  quite a battle.  Lot of injuries.
Oct.19  *Auburn             41-45 2-2 Conf, 5-2 #7 Manziel injured
Oct.26  *Vanderbilt         56-24 3-2 Conf, 6-2 #16
Nov.2   UTEP                57-7  3-2 Conf, 7-2 #12
Nov.9   *Mississippi State  51-41 4-2 Conf, 8-2 #15 Last game at Kyle Field before rennovations
Nov.16  bye week            
Nov.23  *@LSU (#18)         10-34 4-3 Conf, 8-3 #9 ouch!  ended 10 road-game win streak, ended 13 game-streak more than 40 points, 1st game under Sumlin lost game more than a TD
Nov.30  *@Missouri (#5)     21-28 4-4 Conf, 8-4 #21 defense kept Mizzou below 30 points
ended season at #24
Dec.7   SEC Championship Atlanta GA (Auburn vs Missouri)
Dec.31  Chick-Fil-A Bowl vs Duke 52-48 What a comeback!  Way to finish 2013!

              2012 Schedule (Sumlin) predict 4-4 SEC, 7-5 overall 9/29/12 (ended 10-2)
Sept.1  @Louisiana Tech pushed to bye week Oct.13 because of Hurricane Isaac hitting Louisiana
Sept.8  *Florida (#24)      17-20 great 1st half but no points in 2nd.  This looks awful familiar.
Sept.15 @SMU                48-3 a little one-sided
Sept.22 South Carolina St   70-14 doing well against the non-conference teams
Sept.29 *Arkansas           58-10 1-1 Conf, 3-1 overall  MANZIEL!!! (and only a freshman)
Oct.6   *@Ole Miss          30-27 2-1 Conf, 4-1 what a game!  Won it in last few minutes-now #22
Oct.13  @Louisiana Tech(#23)59-57 2-1 Conf, 5-1 almost lost the game due to penalties and 2nd half-itis.
Oct.20  *LSU (#6)           19-24 2-2 Conf, 5-2 Good first quarter, then outranked and outplayed.  Shut Manziel down.
Oct.27  *@Auburn            63-21 3-2 Conf, 6-2 Expected win.  Now a couple of tough teams on the road.
Nov.3   *@Miss. State(#15)  38-13 4-2 Conf, 7-2 Expected to lose this one.  Pleasently surprised.  Bertolet needs practice.
Nov.10  *@Alabama (#1)      29-24 5-2 Conf, 8-2 If I was pleasantly surprised last week...#8 in BCS now!  Bertolet still needs practice.
Nov.17  Sam Houston State   47-28 5-2 Conf, 9-2 Glad they didn't surprise us.  11-0 against them.
Nov.24  *Missouri           59-29 6-2 Conf, 10-2 Season Love ya, Johnny!
Dec.1   SEC Championship Atlanta GA 3:00pm on CBS (Georgia vs Alabama)
Jan.4   Oklahoma (#11)      41-13 Cotton Bowl Awesome season!

              2011 Schedule (Sherman) last season in Big 12
Sept.4  SMU                 46-14 #8 rocky start but the Ags took care of business.  Last played them in 2005 and won 66-8.
Sept.17 Idaho               37-7  #9 Idaho finally scored in the last 3 minutes of game against 2nd or 3rd string
Sept.24 *Oklahoma State     29-30 #8 0-1 conf, 2-1 overall. It was a great 1st half but we gave it up in the 2nd.  OSU has won last 4 meetings now.
Note:  It was announced on 9/25 that the SEC accepted A&M's invitation to join as of 7/1/2012.
Oct.1    Arkansas           38-42 #13 0-1 conf, 2-2 overall.  another great 1st half, got knocked to the bottom of the top 25
Oct.8   *@Texas Tech        45-40 #24 1-1 conf, 3-2 overall.  too close, still running at the bottom of the top 25
Oct.15  *Baylor             55-28 #23 2-1 conf, 4-2 overall.  Great win over these jokers that tried to keep us in the Big 12.
Oct.22  *@Iowa State        33-17 #17 3-1 conf, 5-2 overall.  Slow start but got the offense going.
Oct.29  *Missouri           31-38 #16 3-2 conf, 5-3 overall.  Missouri defense made great plays in the 2nd half.  They deserved to win.  A&M knocked out of the BCS top 25.
Nov.5   *@Oklahoma          25-41 NR  3-3 conf, 5-4 overall.  Blew a 3 pt lead (scored FG 1st).  Missed key plays and turned ball over.
Nov.12  *@Kansas State      50-53 NR  3-4 conf, 5-5 overall.  Again, missed some key plays, penalties, turnovers.  Game went to 4 OT.
Nov.19  *Kansas             61-7  NR  4-4 conf, 6-5 overall.  Not much of a game.
Nov.24  *t.u.               25-27 NR  4-5 conf, 6-6 overall.  Some bad calls, penalties and turnovers.  Pretty much the same as the rest of the season.  Blew halftime lead.
Note:  Mike Sherman fired 12/1 after a 6-6 season, losing to Texas and an overall 25-25 since starting at the end of the 2007 season.
Kevin Sumlin (Head Coach at UH) is possible replacement.
It was confirmed 12/10 that Kevin Sumlin was given the head coach position.
Dec.31  Northwestern        33-22 Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas at Reliant Stadium.  Aggies showed up for both halves!  NW did make it a closer game in the 4th qtr.

              2010 Schedule (Sherman)
Sept.4  Stephen F. Austin   48-7  good start to season as SFA was conference champions last year, but SFA is small school
Sept.11 Louisiana Tech      48-16 
Sept.18 Florida Int'l       27-20 got a bit scary but came through at the end.  
Sept.30 *@Oklahoma State    35-38 3rd straight win against us.  Had a good comeback at the end but too many interceptions.  Need to protect the QB too.  TV gremlin got us again.
Oct.9   Arkansas            17-24 almost tied it up at the end, but almost doesn't win games.  2nd TV loss.
Oct.16  *Missouri           9-30  didn't realize the game was on until about half time-so I missed half the heartbreak.  3rd TV loss in a row.
Oct.23  *@Kansas            45-10 1-2 conf, 4-3 overall.  Apparently we had a good game.  I'll have to watch the recording.  Too afraid to watch TV again.
Oct.30  *Texas Tech         45-27 2-2 conf, 5-3 overall.  Sure wasn't expecting to beat them by that much.  I like this trend.
Nov.6   *Oklahoma           33-19 3-2 conf, 6-3 overall.  Wasn't expecting this either.  This wasn't just changing to Tannehill.  Defense has really stepped up.  OU was #8.  Was.
Nov.13  *@Baylor            42-30 4-2 conf, 7-3 overall.  Rollercoaster of a game.  Crappy start but awesome finish!  Wonder what Sherman told them at halftime.  Made # 25.
Nov.20  *Nebraska           9-6   5-2 conf, 8-3 overall.  Another surprising win!  What a kickfest.  No touchdowns.  Lots of strong defense out there.  Up to # 17 now.
Nov.25  *@t.u.              24-17 6-2 conf, 9-3 overall.  Been 3 years since we last beat them but these are not the same t-sips.  Got to be bowl-bound now.
Jan.7   Cotton Bowl         24-41 vs LSU in Arlington (Jerrydome)

              2009 Schedule (Sherman)
Sept.5  New Mexico          41-6  close game last year-not this year
Sept.19 Utah State          38-30 started worrying right there at the end
Sept.26 UAB                 56-19 very one-sided
Oct.3   @Arkansas           19-47 (sigh) too bad we couldn't just play the 1st quarter.  Jerrod needs to work on ball control.
Oct.10  *Oklahoma State     31-36 0-1 conf, 3-2 more impressed than last week.  OSU is ranked # 13 so don't feel so bad.  Good work by Morrow with the catches and TD.
Oct.17  *@Kansas State      14-62 0-2 conf, 3-3
Oct.24  *Texas Tech         52-30 1-2 conf, 4-3 Wow, I predicted doom on this one.  Didn't even listen to much of the game.  I wish we would stay off TV the rest of the season.  1st win in Lubbock since 1993.
Oct.31  *Iowa State         35-10 2-2 conf, 5-3 One-sided in our favor this round.  Another game not on TV and I didn't listen to.
Nov.7   *@Colorado          34-35 2-3 conf, 5-4 Thought we were winning this one.  Close though. on TV.
Nov.14  *@Oklahoma          10-65 2-4 conf, 5-5
Nov.21  *Baylor             38-3  3-4 conf, 6-5 Again, not on TV
Nov.26  *t.u.               39-49 3-5 conf, 6-6 overall.  I'm still proud of the Ags.  Ags scored more points/yards against t.u. than any other team this season.  TV gremlin still alive.
Dec.5   Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship   7pm    ABC (@ new Cowboys Stadium-Arlington) t.u. vs Nebraska-t.u. made FG with 1 sec left to win 13-12
Dec.28  Independence Bowl   20-44 vs Georgia in Shreveport

2008 Schedule (Sherman) Aug.30 Arkansas State 14-18 Fran beat them as his first game in 2003. Sherman lost as his first game. Sept.6 @New Mexico 28-22 first win under Sherman. Very physical game-McGee sidelined in 1st quarter before any scoring. bye Sept.20 Miami (Fla) 23-41 last year beaten by 17 pts. This year-18 pts. I'm tired of hurricanes! Sept.27 Army 21-17 McGee taken out for that shoulder again Oct.4 *@Oklahoma State 28-56 0-1 conference, 2-3 overall. Having a bad feeling about this season Oct.11 *Kansas State 30-44 well, that's the highest points we've made all year. 0-2, 2-4. Oct.18 *Texas Tech 25-43 great effort against #5. Only made 2 pts and 32 yds in 2nd half. Tannehill did well. 0-3, 2-5. Oct.25 *@Iowa State 49-35 awfully defenseless but we'll take the win. Highest points so far. 1-3 conf, 3-5 overall Nov.1 *Colorado 24-17 impressive, but not near as good as the Tech/tu game. Way to go Tech, knocking tu out of #1 Nov.8 *Oklahoma 28-66 at least McGee got some practice. 2-4 conf, 4-6 overall Nov.15 *@Baylor 21-41 OUCH! They last beat us in '04 by 1 point and again in '85. This is a new low for the Aggies. 2-5 conf, 4-7 overall bye Nov.27 *@t.u. 9-49 2-6 conference, 4-8 overall. We say goodbye to 26 seniors including Lane, McGee and Brantly. Ended regular season 4-8 overall, 2-6 conference (Sherman's 1st season looks like Franchione's in 2003) Dec.6 Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship 7pm ABC
2007 Schedule (Franchione/Darnell) Sept.1 Montana State 38-7 MSU scored first but we answered with 38 straight points Sept.8 Fresno State 47-45(ot) triple OT. We had to go for 2 and we made it. They didn't. Sept.15 Louisiana-Monroe 54-14 apparently not a big deal to beat them Sept.20 @Miami (Fla) 17-34 Aggies had no offense, defense or special teams. Lots of effort just to get points against an unranked team. Sept.29 *Baylor 34-10 This won't put us back into the top 25. Needs to be some major upsets and win some big games. Oct.6 *Oklahoma State 24-23 what a change in the 2nd half. Wonder if knocking Robinson out helped. We sure missed a lot of tackles though. Oct.13 *@Texas Tech 7-35 Aggies now 2-1 in conference and 5-2 overall. Last win was close in 2004 Oct.20 *@Nebraska 36-14 third loss for Nebraska in a row Oct.27 *Kansas 11-19 almost pulled it off but McAnderson proved too much for our defense at the end Nov.3 *@Oklahoma 14-42 Aggies appear lathargic, without leadership. Not using Lane, can't get 1st downs, making turnovers. Nov.10 *@Missouri 26-40 never had the upper hand but didn't go down without a fight bye Nov.23 *t.u. 38-30 what a great game. Everything just seemed to go our way, especially with Fran's announcement afterwards... FRAN is GONE-Mike Sherman to coach after Texan's season over. Gary Darnell filling in as interim coach. Regular season so far 7-5 overall, 4-4 conference Dec.29 Penn State-Alamo Bowl 17-24 decent game. Too bad McGee slipped on 4th down. Congrats to Joe Paterno for 500th game and 23rd bowl win.
2006 Schedule (Franchione) Sept.2 The Citadel 35-3 good start to season but expected-hardly a football team Sept.9 Louisiana-Lafayette 51-7 nice to win, but harldy a game Sept.16 Army @ Alamodome 28-24 too close a margin considering Army's weaker reputation but we'll take the win-even Rice beat Army Sept.23 Louisiana Tech 45-14 nice 4-0 start to season but now the real work begins... Sept.30 *Texas Tech 27-31 good back-and-forth game. Knew it would be close. Tech made TD with 25 seconds left in game. Oct.7 *@Kansas 21-18 game should have gone to Kansas-we lucked out at end. Jorvorskie Lane saved the game. Oct.14 *Missouri 25-19 surprising win given Missouri 6-0 season. Another great effort by Lane. Should be ranked now (23). Oct.21 *@Oklahoma State 34-33 what a game! Made TD in final seconds and then blocked their extra point in OT to win game. Now 7-1. Oct.28 *@Baylor 31-21 It wasn't easy and the kicking for both teams was bad but we're 8-1, 4-1 conference. Now #21. Nov.4 *Oklahoma 16-17 knew this would be close. Wish we went for the TD instead of that last FG. Now 8-2, 4-2. Nov.11 *Nebraska 27-28 another close one. Great come back in the 2nd half. Unpopular calls by Franchione last two games. Thanks #94 for making it easier for them. McGee having some trouble too. bye Nov.24 *@t.u. 12-7 Wasn't as tough as I thought it would be. Very surprising. McCoy not on his game today. Having trouble with extra points this season? Ended regular season 9-3 overall, 5-3 conference Dec.28 Holiday Bowl vs. #20 California 10-45
2005 Schedule (Franchione) Sept.3 @Clemson 24-25 off to a bad start. Last (2-second) field goal by Clemson. bye Sept.17 SMU 66-8 some records broken during this game Sept.22 Texas State 44-31 played 2 days earlier because of impending hurricane Rita Oct.1 *Baylor 16-13 payback for last year's loss by one point Oct.8 *@Colorado 20-41 Buffs started off well, and Ags could not catch up Oct.15 *Oklahoma State 62-23 4th win at home, Cowboys weak this season Oct.22 *@Kansas State 30-28 1st win on road, Kansas St prob didn't deserve last TD, otherwise good game Oct.29 *Iowa State 14-42 Nov.5 *@Texas Tech 17-56 that's just an old fashioned butt kicking! Nov.12 *@Oklahoma 30-36 closer than I expected anyway bye Nov.25 *t.u. 29-40 good showing by McGee-looking good for next year Ended regular season 6-5 overall, 3-5 conference
2004 Schedule (Franchione) Sept.2 @Utah (19) 21-41 slow start to season-payback for last year win Sept.11 Wyoming 31-0 always love playing the cowboys-nice home starter Sept.18 Clemson (25) 27-6 UPSET! 5 QB sacks and no Aggie turnovers. 2nd loss to unranked team for Clemson bye Oct.2 *Kansas State 42-30 nice start for conference play Oct.9 *@Iowa State 34-3 looking good-placed us at #23 in AP. Lots of upsets in rankings. Oct.16 *@Oklahoma State (15) 36-20 didn't expect a win here-should really raise us in the rankings now Oct.23 *Colorado 29-26(ot) what a close game. Wish it was on TV. no conference losses Oct.30 *@Baylor 34-35 what a bummer! We were 13-3 at half. Last loss was in '85. Nov.6 *Oklahoma (2) 35-42 we did better than I expected. Really came down to last throw. Great effort anyway. 2nd closest game against OU. Nov.13 *Texas Tech 32-25(ot) not-surprising close game. Always a good match up. Last win against them in 2000. bye Nov.26 *@t.u. (5) 13-26 5th loss to t.u. in a row but this was closest margin Ended regular season 7-4 overall, 5-3 conference Jan.1 Cotton Bowl vs. Tennessee(15) 7-38
2003 Schedule (Under new management-Dennis Franchione head coach) Aug.30 Arkansas State 26-11 Sept.6 Utah 28-26 bye Sept.18 @Virginia Tech 19-35 good first half considering Isabel and playing #8 team in their house Sept.27 Pittsburgh 26-37 good first half-what a showing by Larry Fitzgerald Oct.4 *@Texas Tech 28-59 not a good conference start Oct.11 *Baylor 73-10 typical-needed some of these points in other games though Oct.18 *@Nebraska 12-48 kind of expected this-looked like the Aggies were baking pastries (turnovers) Oct.25 *Oklahoma State 10-38 those cowboys are having a good year. That's two years in a row against us. Nov.1 *Kansas 45-33 nice to win but shouldn't have been even this close Nov.8 *@Oklahoma 0-77 Was at least hoping not to be shut out. They proved to be #1. Nov.15 *@Missouri 22-45 Expected this loss too. Not as bad as last week though. bye Nov.28 *t.u. 15-46 Also expected this. At least we got some points at home. Ended regular season 4-8 overall, 2-6 conference
2002 Schedule (Slocum) Aug.31 Louisiana-Lafayette 31-7 Nice start Sept.7 @Pittsburgh 14-12 missed it, next time let's try some offense bye Sept.21 Virginia Tech 3-13 highest ranked team we've played at home since 1989 Sept.28 Louisiana Tech 31-3 better than '99. Held them to only a FG! Oct.5 *Texas Tech 47-48 What a nailbiter! Too bad we missed those simple kicks. Surprising offense. Oct.12 *@Baylor 41-0 That's more like it. Oct.19 *@Kansas 47-22 Another nice game. Oct.26 *Nebraska 31-38 I really thought our home advantage would prevail. Good game anyway. Nov.2 *@Oklahoma State 23-28 Not looking good. Didn't get to watch. Not that sad. Nov.9 *Oklahoma 30-26 WHOOP!!!!!! Beat #1 in the country. I'm so pumped up!!!! Nov.16 *Missouri 27-33 At home and double overtime...guess OU was just having a bad day last week. bye Nov.29 *@t.u. 20-50 Good luck to Chris Simms. He had a nice last game at t.u. Ended regular season 6-6 overall, 3-5 conference
2001 Schedule (Slocum) Sept. 1 McNeese State 38-24 1-0/0-0 Sept. 6 @Wyoming 28-20 2-0/0-0 bye Sept.22 *Oklahoma State 21-7 Nice half-time display & Red/White/Blue shirts. 3-0/1-0 Sept.29 Notre Dame 24-4 Wow! #24 on polls now. Largest attendance in Texas (87,206)! 4-0/1-0 Oct.6 *Baylor 16-10 Too close! 5-0/2-0 for season. Whoop! Oct.13 *@Colorado 21-31 too bad, dropped out of top 25, 5-1/2-1 Oct.20 *@Kansas State 31-24 #24 again, 6-1/3-1 Oct.27 *Iowa State 24-21 close game, 7-1/4-1, movin' on up... Nov.3 *@Texas Tech 0-12 OUCH! So much for ranking, 7-2/4-2 Nov.10 *@Oklahoma 10-31 No offense, let's beat tu. 7-3/4-3 bye Nov.23 *t.u. 7-21 Off to the Matress Mack bowl. Ended regular season 7-4 overall, 4-4 conference Dec.28 TCU 28-9 Reliant Astrodome Bowl
2000 Schedule (Slocum) Sept.2 @Notre Dame 10-24 Sept.9 Wyoming 51-3 Sept.16 U.T. El Paso 45-17 bye Sept.30 *Texas Tech 33-15 Oct.7 *Colorado 19-26 ended home winning streak at 22 Oct.14 *@Baylor 24-0 have beat them last 10 games in a row Oct.21 *@Iowa State 30-7 Oct.28 *Kansas State 26-10 Gotta love Kyle Field! Nov.4 *@Oklahoma State 21-16 way too close! Nov.11 *Oklahoma 31-35 Two words: Mark Farris bye Nov.24 *@t.u. 17-43 a moment of silence Check out comment from last year's game. This time, we lost mostly due to Applewhite being out of game. Ended regular season 7-4 overall, 5-3 conference Dec.31 @Independence Bowl Mississippi State 41-43 Oh well. Happy new year anyway!
1999 Schedule (Slocum) Sept.4 @Louisiana Tech 37-17 Great way to start! bye Sept.18 Tulsa 62-13 Even better! Sept.25 S.Mississippi 23-6 Oct.2 *@Texas Tech 19-21 There's just no place for slop Oct.9 *Baylor 45-13 Damn, and I missed the whole game! Oct.16 *Kansas 34-17 Another great job. Oct.23 *@Oklahoma 6-51 I wished I missed this one. Oct.30 *Oklahoma State 21-3 Missed this one too, but nice to win. Note: Slocum's 100th career win, Aggies' 600th win. Nov.6 *@Nebraska 0-37 I'm glad I was at Katy Mills Mall and couldn't receive the radio station. At least it was an "away" game. Nov.13 *@Missouri 51-14 I rather enjoyed this one. bye Nov.26 *t.u. 20-16 What an emotional game! Think we won mostly to Applewhite being out of game. Ended regular season 8-3 overall, 5-3 conference, ranked #20 Dec.28 Penn State 0-24 Sylvania Alamo Bowl
1998 Schedule (Slocum) Aug.31 Florida State 14-23 Kickoff Classic @Meadowlands bye Sept.12 Louisiana Tech 28-7 Forfeited due to Hardeman ineligibility (had 3 TDs in game) Sept.19 @S.Mississippi 24-6 Sept.26 North Texas 28-9 Oct.3 *@Kansas 24-21 close game at end! Oct.10 *Nebraska 28-21 what a game! WHOOP! Nebraska was ranked #2. Oct.17 *@Baylor 35-14 Oct.24 *Texas Tech 17-10 Oct.31 *@Oklahoma State 17-6 and t.u. beat nebraska too!....movin' on up! Nov.7 *Oklahoma 29-0 Nov.14 *Missouri 17-14 Whoop!(despite some dumb plays-Randy Potter) I'm still shaking. bye Nov.27 *@t.u. 22-24 what a finish! Oh well, we're going to St. Louis Ended regular season 10-2 overall, 7-1 conference, ranked #11 Dec.5 Kansas State 36-33 Big 12 Championship-WHOOP!!!!!! (double overtime) Jan.1 Ohio State 14-24 Sugar Bowl-Well, we were there......
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